The Ohio State University Extension offices in Jefferson and Harrison Counties are currently accepting new applications for the 2021 Master Gardener Volunteer training program. Master Gardener Volunteers in Ohio contributed over 180,000 hours of service per year and offer assistance with home horticultural questions, pest identification, school programs, demonstrations, research, and continuing education programs. Participants interested in receiving the 50 hour intensive training will learn about basic botany, plant physiology, soils, entomology, plant pathology, plant diagnostics, integrated pest management, pesticide use and safety, lawn care, home vegetable and fruit production, backyard wildlife management and much more! Working with county Ohio State Extension personnel, Master Gardener Volunteers provide educational services to their communities. If you are a garden enthusiast, this is a great opportunity to share your gardening know-how and skills with others in your community. Cost of the program is $100 for those interested in the program.

NEW THIS YEAR: The 2021 Master Gardener Volunteer training this year will consist of both online modules, hands-on labs and tours, and either a writing or presentation project. Participants will be expected to attend orientation and a minimum of 5 labs but can pick and choose either by topic or date that best fits into your schedule. See below for the orientation and lab schedule:

July 12th, 5-8 PM Master Gardener Volunteer Orientation & Teaching Skills Lab
July 22nd, 5-8 PM Garden Soils Lab
July 27th, 1-4 PM   Plant Diagnostics Lab
August 5th, 5-8 PM Propagation Methods Lab
August 9th, 1-4 PM Fruit Production Lab
August 11th, 5-8 PM Fruit Production Lab
August 12th, 1-4 PM Season Extension Lab
August 23rd, 1-4 PM Arboretum Tour
August 31st, 5-8 PM Pollinator Plot Tour
September 2nd, 1-4 PM Project Presentations



  • Library horticulture presentations and demonstrations
  • Farm-to-School education
  • Seed diversity projects
  • Community garden information center
  • Farmers' Market garden booth and demonstrations
  • Educational video creation
  • Invasive species scouting and education
  • Fall Expo


To become a Jefferson/Harrison County Master Gardener Volunteer:

1.  Submit an application to the OSU Extension office in Jefferson County by mail (500 Market Street, Suite 512, Steubenville, OH 43952) or email (

2.  Interview

3.  Complete 50 hours of intensive training your first year

4.  Complete a background check.

5.  Complete 50 hours of volunteer service your first year

6.  To remain an active member after the first year, complete 10 continuing education hours, 20 hours of volunteer service on a yearly basis, pay a $10 State Support fee, and review policies on a yearly basis.

Master Gardener Volunteer General Position Description