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After previous engagements in camp and non-profit settings, Tim has been serving Harrison County as County Director and 4-H Educator since 2008.  His professional specializations including adult leadership, environmental education, and youth camping.  Away from work, Tim enjoys spending time with family in the great outdoors.


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Journal Articles

Feldhues, K. & Tanner, T. (2017).  Show Me the Money:  Impact of County Funding on Retention Rates for Extension Educators.

Fact Sheets

Tanner, T. (2017). Using A Waterslide to Introduce STEM to Younger Youth.

Tanner, T. (2017). Leading Recreation at a 4-H Community Club Meeting.

Epley, H. & Tanner, T. (2017).  Creative Leadership in 4-H - Flatwater Kayaking.

Epley, H. & Tanner, T. (2017).  Creative Leadership in 4-H - Stand Up Paddle Boarding.


Formal Curriculum

Sedlak, K. & Tanner, T. (2014).  STEMify Low Ropes [Program of Studies].  Teacher's Manual (start here!) -- Alligator Alley -- Electric Orange -- Lava Island -- Pinball -- Spider Web -- V Team -- Cross Country Team (forthcoming) -- Floating Circle (forthcoming) -- Lap Sit (forthcoming) -- Trust Maze -- Up Close -- This curriculum series provides outdoor educators with a great teaching tool to advance science, technology, engineeering, and math in low ropes and cooperative activities.  Picture pages will be added to the activities in the fall of 2014.

Tanner, T. (2015). Organizing chaos: A time management curriculum for extension professionals. [Program of Studies]. Link – Description: This curriculum series provides Extension professionals with a manageable daily schedule which will help them achieve greater happiness, productivity, and well-being.

Non-formal Curriculum

Tanner, T. & Cherry, J. (2013).  Science through the Side-door:  Inquiry-based Lessons from the Watersports Adventure Weekend [Program of Studies].  Link - This guide sheet is for educators thinking about starting a science-related specialty camp for youth.

Scholarly Presentations

Tanner, T., Cherry, J., Albright, M.B., Ferrari, T., Yost, G., McClaskey, S., Zimmer, B., Keyser, J., Belcyzk, C., Rohlf, L., & Hanna, J. (2013).  Specialty Camp Spectacular!  [Presentation].  Ohio 4-H Conference Program.  Columbus, OH:  Ohio 4-H Youth Development.  Presentation link

Tanner, T. & Cherry, J. (2013). Implementing a Watersports Adventure Weekend to Promote Nature Education [Presentation].  NAAEE Conference Program.  Baltimore, MD:  North American Association of Environmental Education.  Presentation link

Tanner, T. & Keller, H. (2013).  Walking the Financial Plank?  The Local Educator's Role in Large-scale Donor Development [Presentation].  Galaxy IV Conference Proceedings.  Pittsburgh, PA:  Joint Council of Extension Professionals.  Presentation link

Cherry, J., Kirby, J., & Tanner, T. (2013).  Implementing a Watersports Adventure Weekend to Promote Science Education and Healthy Living [Presentation].  Galaxy IV Conference Proceedings.  Pittsburgh, PA:  Joint Council of Extension Professionals.

Tanner, T. (2013).  Kayaking:  What to Wear [Presentation].  American Canoe Association Kayaking Level 1 Instructor Certification Course.  Delaware, OH:  Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Watercraft.  Presentation link

Tanner, T. (2013).  Is College Still Worth It?  [Presentation].  State Teen Conference Program.  Columbus, OH:  Ohio 4-H Youth Development.  Presentation link

Tanner, T., Strickler, J., Hanna, J., & Sedlak, K.  (2014).  Indoor vs. Outdoor:  Activities to Get Kids Outside [Poster].  Ohio 4-H Professionals Autumn In-service.  Columbus, OH:  Ohio 4-H Youth Development.  Poster link

Tanner, T., Strickler, J., Hanna, J., & Sedlak, K.  (2014).  Indoor vs. Outdoor:  What Activities Will Convince Today's Youth to Get Outside?  [Presentation].  13th World Leisure Congress.  Mobile, AL:  World Leisure Organization.  Presentation link

Keller, H. & Tanner, T. (2014).  Building a Replicable STEM Field Day [Poster].  Annual Conference and Research Colloquium.  Columbus, OH:  Ohio State University Extension.  Poster link



Catchpole, K. & Tanner, T. (2014).  Finding Your Voice:  Public Speaking Made Easy.  Ohio 4-H Project Book #377.  Link - This project book is ideal for youth of all ages.  It is a great pre-college tool for learning to be a more dynamic and confident public speaker.  Available for $7.50 online or $6.00 at your local Extension Office.