Welcome to the OSU Extension website for Harrison County, Ohio!  If you are unfamiliar with our services and programs, feel free to browse around or better yet, just give us a call at 740.942.8823.  We exist to serve our community and hope you will utilize the services we offer.

Since you may be new to the area, let’s talk a little about Harrison County Extension.  We are one of ten county offices in the state that operate on a tax levy—which has been well supported since 2002.  Because Harrison County has the 5th smallest and 10th least healthy population in the state, most of our programming appeals to rural clientele and those looking to better themselves, their families, and/or their communities.  Thanks to generous support for the local 4-H program, we are very active in local schools with our enrichment/non-formal education programs.  We also have 100+ passionate and active volunteers that support 4-H and the newly formed Master Gardener program.  Though we could go on, probably the best thing to say is this:  If we have the capability and skill, our staff will be happy to empower you through hands-on education.  Thanks for dropping by!

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